Being introduced to the maritime sector by analyzing complicated mast and roof structures, ALE persistently performed project since. Nowadays, one of the core expertises of ALE is weight management, including weight reduction, weight calculations and weight monitoring. Pro-active management of the weight is a requirement for informed decisions in options regarding the weight, pointing out the necessity if weight reduction is needful. Considering the weight and center of gravity as a key factor, we aim at weight calculations matching the numbers during load-in and inclining events.

Weight monitoring is the most optimum solution to check the weight calculation thoroughly with weighted values. Not only is weighing all items going aboard a proper way to check the weight calculation, it creates a database for future weight calculations, it helps predicting the final outcome and further improves the weight calculation. With many years and projects as experience, ALE has developed special software to support the yard with monitoring weights to create the most efficient weighing process.

Weight calculations are required for initial assessing the feasibility. ALE excels in transforming the initial calculation and using updates from internal parties, subcontractors and third parties by acting pro-active and maintaining close relations with contributors. Using the in-house software for weighing items, ALE sets the bar in matching the weight calculations with the outcome during inclining

In case of weight optimization, the reduction is often a trade-off between weight reduction and costs. Being able to find theoretic and practic solutions, ALE aims on reducing weight in the most valuable direction. In-house expertises are consulted to save money by reducing the material costs, for instance by FEM analyzing foundations. By combining theoretic skills with inspections rounds on the ship and looking at constructions in a different way, the most effective possibilities are contrived.